Is it just me or do people consider intelligence to be a highly desirable trait? What I do know is that some people can be seen smarter due to their daily habits and attitude. Are you smarter than the rest of us?
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Work smarter not harder.

Coming from a fast-paced workplace and working with smart people daily, I can tell you there is no mystery to my theory of hiring people who are smarter than you. Clever, skilled people in the workplace requires less management and they constantly teach you new things. But while this tip may seem quite easy, it’s hard to execute. #JustSaying

Why is it hard you ask? Well, the issue is that people have egos and insecurities and being surrounded with people who are smarter than you can make you feel super bad about yourself.

So, what can you do to reap the benefits from a team of super achievers without feeling too bad about yourself? How do you know if someone is smarter? Perhaps you are smarter and not aware of some of the traits you have?

I’m sure some of these might sound familiar as you go through life like being messy, adapting to all kinds of situations easily, having an open mind about things, admitting when you don’t know something, you worry a lot, you are a Night Owl, you are very curious, your jokes are slightly better than everyone else and you enjoy hanging out with yourself. Just a few traits of intelligent people.

So, without further-ado, here are some tips and traits that might help you distinguish smart people from the not so smart people or perhaps you would just like to take them in, so you seem smarter, who knows? Let me know in the comments section below and enjoy my tips that could help, along with some habits you might want to learn to give you that smarter edge.

Be Curious and Ask Questions

Curiouser and curiouser – so says Alice in Wonderland.

Being curious and asking questions can be your secret sauce for thriving among brainy colleagues. Picture yourself as the office Sherlock Holmes, except instead of solving crimes, you're uncovering knowledge. Embrace your inner detective and start each day with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store—though, in this case, the candies are the vast reservoirs of wisdom that your colleagues possess.

Try this Habit: Lunchtime Brain Teasers - Organize informal "lunch and learn" sessions with your colleagues where you discuss interesting questions or topics. It's a fantastic way to stimulate curiosity and learn collectively while enjoying a good meal.

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So, next time you're surrounded by the brainiacs, channel your inner Sherlock, put on your imaginary deerstalker hat, and don't be afraid to ask questions that lead you to the hidden treasures of knowledge. Just remember, inquisitiveness is your ticket to becoming the real-life "Consulting Detective" of your workplace, minus the pipe and the violin.

Know Your Strengths and Leverage Them

Understanding your strengths is like uncovering hidden treasures within yourself. It's as if you've stumbled upon your own personal superpowers, only to realize you can be your very own superhero. Knowing these strengths can lead to remarkable personal growth.

Try this habit: Empowerment Playlist - Create an "Empowerment Playlist" of songs, quotes, or images that inspire you to embrace your strengths. Whenever you need a boost of confidence, turn to this playlist for a reminder of your extraordinary capabilities.

Picture it this way: You're the hero of your own life story, and your strengths are your unique superpowers. Embracing and leveraging them can help you overcome personal challenges, achieve your goals, and live a more fulfilling life. So, put on your metaphorical cape and get ready to soar!

Take Your Time and Embrace Humility

Imagine life as a massive jigsaw puzzle, and sometimes, those brainy colleagues seem to have all the pieces put together while you're still looking for the corners. It's okay. Take your time. Embrace the art of humility and the beauty of gradual progress.

Try this habit: Mindful Pause - Practice "Mindful Pauses" throughout your day. When you encounter a challenging situation or conversation, take a moment to breathe, reflect, and acknowledge that it's okay not to have all the answers right away. This habit promotes patience and humility.

Think of yourself as the tortoise in the famous race with the hare. Slow and steady progress, coupled with a humble attitude, can ultimately lead to remarkable accomplishments. After all, it's the tortoise who wins the race, and your journey is just as unique and promising.

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Don't Worry So Much and Stay Informed

Imagine if your worries were like a collection of mismatched socks in a laundry basket – scattered, unnecessary, and ultimately inconsequential. Let's drop the laundry load of anxiety and replace it with the wisdom of staying informed.

Try this habit: Worry Jar - Create a "Worry Jar" where you write down your worries on small slips of paper and place them inside. Then, alongside each worry, write down one action you can take to address it. As you tackle these worries, you'll find they have less power over you.

Think of it this way: Replacing worries with a commitment to staying informed is like swapping out a heavy backpack for a feather-light one. It eases your load and equips you with valuable knowledge to tackle whatever comes your way. So, don't stress; just stay in the know and keep on moving forward with confidence!

Be in Control and Promote Collaboration

Being in control doesn't mean you're the sole conductor of a one-person orchestra; it's more like leading a harmonious symphony with a group of talented musicians. Embrace your inner maestro and find the balance between leadership and collaboration.

Try this habit: Task Delegation - Learn to delegate tasks effectively. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then assign tasks to others who excel in areas where you may not. This encourages collaboration and ensures that the team's collective skills are put to good use.

Imagine yourself as the captain of the Springboks team. You're in control of the game plan, but it's the combined efforts of all team members that secure the victory. So, take the reins confidently while promoting teamwork, and you'll orchestrate a symphony of success in no time!

Read More and Celebrate Achievements

Reading more isn't about transforming into a book-obsessed hermit; it's more like becoming a knowledge connoisseur. And celebrating achievements isn't just about personal recognition; it's about creating a culture of appreciation and motivation. #justsaying

Try this habit: Daily Digest - Dedicate time each day to reading something informative or inspiring. Whether it's a book, an article, or even a podcast, your "Daily Digest" habit will nourish your mind and expand your horizons.

Picture it this way: You're the curator of your own intellectual art gallery, where every book, article, or piece of knowledge you absorb becomes a masterpiece. Meanwhile, the Achievement Wall is the communal billboard where success stories are immortalized. Embrace these habits, and you'll be painting a vibrant tapestry of wisdom and accomplishments in your life.

Seek Mentorship and Be an Active Listener

Seeking mentorship isn't about having a Gandalf-like wizard guide you through life's challenges; it's more like getting sage advice from experienced travelers on the same journey. Being an active listener is the secret sauce that makes those wisdom-sharing sessions truly effective.

Try this habit: Mentorship Network - Build a "Mentorship Network" by connecting with experienced individuals who can offer guidance and support. Cultivate relationships with those who have the insights you seek and don't hesitate to seek their advice when needed.

Imagine yourself as the apprentice in a magical realm, surrounded by wise mentors, and you've got a library of knowledge within your grasp. But remember, the key to unlocking these treasures is being an attentive and inquisitive listener. So, whether you're learning the secrets of the enchanted forest or navigating the complexities of your career, mentorship and active listening will be your guiding stars.

Don't Compete and Ask for Clarification

Choosing not to compete doesn't mean you're surrendering in a game of wits; it's more like switching from a zero-sum game to a cooperative puzzle-solving adventure. And asking for clarification isn't a sign of weakness; it's a sign of your commitment to understanding and growing.

Try this habit: Clarification Quest - Embark on a "Clarification Quest" whenever you encounter something you don't fully understand. Instead of guessing, take the initiative to ask for clarification, whether it's from a colleague or by doing your own research. This proactive approach ensures you're always on the path of learning.

Imagine yourself as a friendly detective duo in a mystery-solving partnership. You and your colleagues are working together to crack the case, share knowledge, and navigate the labyrinth of challenges. By ditching competition and embracing collaboration, you'll unlock the secrets of success while maintaining a supportive and cooperative atmosphere.

"The greatest glory in living life is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
A quote from Nelson Mandela

In the grand symphony of personal and professional growth, these eight principles harmonize beautifully. They guide us to be the best version of ourselves in the company of brilliant minds, allowing us to tap into hidden talents and soar to new heights. As we embrace curiosity, leverage our strengths, savor the journey, shed unnecessary worries, balance control and collaboration, read voraciously, seek mentorship, and foster a culture of understanding, we navigate life's challenges with grace.

Now, ponder this: In a world filled with intellect and opportunity, which of these principles will you embrace today to unlock your own potential and inspire those around you?

Martin is a digital marketing specialist, a producer and always online. His educational background is Digital Marketing and has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. His little girl comes first and in his spare time he really enjoys making music and creating content.

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