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I do everything marketing and digital. From coding all the way through to the marketing and selling of products on websites. See below added services I offer.


I am able to setup subscription services for you and/or your brand. See below a list of my subscription services and feel free to subsctibe to make use of my services!.

Twitter Management

Join me in my successful daily Twitter strategy that is centred around cleaning up your personal or company twitter profile, growing your audience/followers and creating, publishing and distributing content for your buyer personas, handles and followers.

For R100-00 a month, let my techniques pack the punch and get people to act or pay attention to your Twitter profile. Get your brands voice heard and help me push your business or brand ahead of the competition.

With just a few keywords and the right content pieces, I could help you grow your following larger than what you thought was possible with my Twitter Bots.

Here's my Profile and it's still growing! Join me!

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Facebook Management

Join me on my successful Facebook strategies that is centred around creating, publishing, and distributing relatable content for your buyer personas to your audiences and followers.

For R200.00 per month, let me also help you grown your page on Facebook and at the same time source leads of potential customers for your business. I would use the ads platform not only to grow your Facebook awareness but also your Instagram account. I am Facebook Blueprint certified.

My techniques should pack the punch and get people to act and pay attention to your brand or company with a weekly schedule that will me managed and distributed as you require them.

Your 3 month subscription includes a monthly social media spending/targeting budget.

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Web Development (Html, PHP, Wordpress, Joomla, OpenCart)

Online Shopping or also called e-Commerce, has become increasingly popular especially due to COVID19. With most people working from home and avoiding busy shopping centres, online shopping is now the preferred way to do business. Not to mention the convenience of delivering products directly to someone’s front door.

Do you have items you would like to sell online for yourself or your business? Let me help you! Submit your details below and I will give you a call to discuss. It will literally take me a few hours to get you up and going and making your first sale. #JustSaying - Don't miss out!

It would include developing your website around your brand, creating a database for all your items, taking pictures of your items and listing them on your site. It also includes setting up a courier service and setting up your online payment portal.

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Google Services

Let me help you set up DFP (Double Click For Publishers) for your platforms and generate revenue. OR perhaps let me book search campaigns on Google Ads for you. OR perhaps you just need the basic Google services like tracking/analytics and SEO?

Google Analytics Certified Google AdWord Certified Google Mobile Certified Google Display Certified

Let me help you with that. I am Google Certified.

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OVERVIEW: I have been doing Digital & Traditional Marketing for over 13 years, I am Google Certified, Facebook Blueprint Certified, I do SEO, PPC, I am also a Graphic Designer, I do Social Media Marketing & ORM, Web Development, Project Management, Community Services, Personal Subscription services.

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