More about me

I am a passionate and dedicated father to a beautiful 5-year-old young lady. She is my life, and I would do anything for her.

I am also a full-time digital specialist with over 15 years digital expertise... from early coding back in the day to a full-time head of marketing at the moment and running e-commerce platforms. I am also very active on social media like Twitter, you should follow me there. It might be the only place you could get hold of me.

Then, I am also a part time music producer. I started since I was but a child and playing for friends and now do this is my part time and have become very successful at it with various tracks on iTunes, Spotify and more. Have you listened to them yet? You should! Tell me what you think.

So, in a nutshell:

Music is my passion – As it’s for the soul and I really enjoy losing myself in it.

Digital Marketing is my profession - From web dev, all the way to the digital marketing and the online presence that goes with it.

My daughter is my everything - I love her unconditionally! She comes first no matter what.

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Be and stay blessed!

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pictures of me

A picture of Martin at Rickety Bridge Wine tasting A picture of Martin and Richard Branson A picture of Martin and Barry Hilton
A picture of Martin and his daughter A picture of Martin and the voice of Chester A picture of Martin and Deep Fried Man
A picture of Martin at the Paralympics A picture of Martin in primary school A picture of Martin and Jack

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