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These are the general terms of the relationship between you (the website visitor and/or social follower) and me (the website and social profile owner). The terms cover all use of this website and my social following profiles. You agree to be legally bound by these terms by visiting and using this website and following me on social media. Please do not use the website or follow me on social media if you do not agree to these terms.


In this agreement; terms means the terms and consists of the following:
  • Terms of use; and any other relevant specific terms like policies, disclaimers, rules, and notices agreed between the two parties; including any terms that may be applicable to only a specific section of the website or a post from a certain social network;
  • We, Us, or I, my/our means, our/my organisation, the owner of the website, the owner of the social network profile. It includes my officers, agents, employees, owners, co-branders, partners, content, writers and associates where the terms may not limit us and you agree we will not be held liable for what is posted or shared by us;
  • You or Your means you or any other visitor to this website or the social media profile associated with it, including any other person, website, app, business, or agent (including any virtual or robotic agents #bots) associated with the visitor.


If the meaning of any general terms’ conflicts with any other relevant specific terms, the specific terms will apply. Specifically terms that apply to a specific section of the website or have been specifically agreed to between you and me.


Please note that all details obtained from this website and/or social networks, will always be kept confidential and private and will not be shared with anyone. This website also has an SSL certificate as confirmation for its security.


Twitter - Please feel free to follow me on Twitter. By following me on Twitter you agree to:

  • have your profile viewed;
  • have your tweets engaged with (retweets, likes, comments);
  • have your email details shared with me for communications from time to time;
  • not lay criminal charges on tweets you have been tagged in.

Content - You agree not to take any legal action from any content that is written, shared or expressed on this website or platform it is shared on and/or what is shared on any of my social media profiles.

Online Shop

The delivery of products could take anywhere between 1-7 working days although we try our very best to get it booked out the same day and to get it to you the very next day.

If you don't like my or the shared products inside the store, please, don't shop on this website. Shopping on this website is done in good faith and we will accommodate as far and as much as we possibly can. We also reserve the right to help whomever we please and do not tolerate rude and aggressive shoppers.

Payments on in the shop is done through Payfast. Which means this website allows instant EFT and accepts all major credit, cheque and debit cards. Also now accepted is Masterpass, Zapper and Bitcoin!

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Deliveries or both local and international

Local - South Africa: All deliveries are door to door via DawnWing at a fixed cost of R140 per parcel.
International: We do cater for the international market. R250 per International Delivery.

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Thank you

Thanks for understanding these terms and conditions and if you have any queries or questions... please tweet me or drop me a line on one of my social network profiles. Take care and be safe!

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