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The Irish Club - Linden



I recently found myself exploring the charming neighbourhood of Linden, thanks to the proximity to my daughter's school. While exploring the area, I stumbled upon a hidden gem that goes by the name of The Irish Club.

Now, let me take you on a journey of how I stumbled upon this delightful establishment. Before I moved to Linden, I had a Sunday ritual. I would make a pit stop at the Green Room in Greenside, bask in the sun on the bowling club's deck, sip on my ice-cold castle light draft beer, and savor a delicious meal. Occasionally, I would stick around for a bowling tournament, which, believe it or not, is a hoot!

However, with the move, my leisurely Sunday afternoons became a bit of a schlepp. It was like driving to the ends of the Earth every week. But fear not, for fate had a plan. I discovered that Linden had its very own bowling club, merely two blocks away from my new abode. Ecstatic, I ventured there one Saturday afternoon, only to find the place buzzing with great people and a fantastic vibe.

With Sunday fun in mind, I eagerly returned the next day, only to be met with a shuttered Linden Bowling Club. Closed. Talk about a Sunday buzzkill! Dejected, I made my way back home when, lo and behold, behind the bowling club, a lively scene unfolded before my eyes - The Irish Club.

As I approached the entrance gate, it seemed like a Sunday Market was in full swing, instantly putting a smile on my face. I've got to admit; I'm a sucker for a bustling Sunday Market. Parking? No worries. There were more parking spots than you could shake a leprechaun's shillelagh at. The market usually winds down around 13:00, making way for you to enjoy the restaurant in peace.

As you enter The Irish Club, you'll notice outdoor seating, indoor seating, and a cozy bar area. The indoor section even boasts a massive screen (for those essential rugby world cup moments, of course), while the bar area is a haven for sports enthusiasts. You can either enjoy your beer in solitude while catching the game or soak up the sun outside. It's like The Irish Club has something for everyone, whether you're a recluse or a sun-worshipper.

I was promptly greeted by a friendly waiter who took our drink orders. They had a selection, including some tantalizing cocktails and my personal favourite, an ice-cold Castle Light draught. The menus arrived alongside our drinks, and with great service, the wait was barely noticeable. As we contemplated our food choices, I decided to try the Mozambique Chicken Prego Burger. My previous experience with it left me wanting more – more cheese, more chips, and a bit more kick for a burger sporting the Mozambique name. After devouring my meal, I spoke to the manager, offering some unsolicited burger advice.

To my astonishment, the next Sunday visit saw the menu transformed, incorporating my suggestions. The result? The best chicken burger I've had in ages. Period. The hand-cut chips were fresh and abundant, so much so that I couldn't finish them. I tipped my hat (figuratively) to the chef and manager. Kudos, Irish Club! You've won me over as my go-to Sunday afternoon lunch spot.

Before our food arrived, while savoring my beer, I couldn't resist checking out the kids' play area. Let's just say, it's a paradise for little ones.

The quick arrival of our food was another feather in their cap. And speaking of caps, the decor at the bar area had a distinct Irish flavor, complete with a massive painting and various Irish knick-knacks. However, the tables were a bit on the plain side, not exactly head-turners. One big plus was the mammoth screen, especially during epic sporting events like the Rugby World Cup.

Settling the bill was a breeze, and I can't stress enough how friendly and attentive the staff were. They even had the courtesy to address me as "Sir." If you're paying by card, they accept all kinds.

So, that, dear readers, was my delightful adventure at The Irish Club in Linden. I hope you've enjoyed this tale, and I strongly encourage you to pay them a visit soon. If you've already been and have tales to share, drop a comment below, or better yet, let's grab a beer there and chat in person. Until then, enjoy these snapshots, take care, and stay safe! Sláinte! 🍻

Irish Club Image
Irish Club Image
Irish Club Image
Irish Club Image

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Cnr Salerno Road & 5th Ave, Linden, Randburg


Monday - Wednesday & Sundays: 10am - 10pm
Thursdays: 10am - 12pm
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 2am


+27 11 888 0420 |


Individual Ratings


Was really good. No issues and was super friendly.



They offer most drinks including cocktails.



Food is tasty and filling. Was the best after my advice.



Background music was good. They also had a live DJ/Entertainment



Has an Irish vibe but tables are bland.



It has a massive open space and a jumping castle for the kids.


Customer Reviews

"It was my first time going there and I would love to recommend it to anyone. They have an Irish pub/restaurant, can't say much about it as I was there for the auction. It looked like a very nice place to come and chill out on a Friday night and have a nice night out, with your better half or just friends hanging out." Aldah Manda, Google Reviews

"A new exciting kitchen and menu. Kid friendly with a play area and jumping castle. A market every Sunday morning that caters to all tastes. Reasonably priced. Friendly service." Shae Lee, Google Reviews

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