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A picture of Picolinos entrance

Hi there! Thanks for popping past my review of Picolinos Africa, I appreciate it.

This is so far, my favourite spot! Nothing slaughters a Saturday afternoon better than having an ice-cold cold-drink (or draught) in hand, a delicious large self-designed pizza on its way and watching my little superhero having the time of her life playing outside and breathing in fresh air.

Making your way there is quite easy but parking is a bit of a schlep; really. If you don’t find a parking bay at the entrance, you are forced to drive a bit up the hill and park on a small little veld out the centre… making you walk all the way down and all the way up… and if you had a few drinks, this long hike back to the car will sober you up right away.

As you walk in you will find a few little stalls or shops which gives the place a small market vibe which I admit, my wife just loves. Ladies, it also includes a small little salon/spa in case you have that urge to spoil yourself even more.

If you hit left by the entrance you will be going into the covered seating area. You will also find a large pond with a few animals around; like this massive Rooster that’s bigger than any dog I ever had. #justsaying. You will also find a few ducks there giving you that whole outdoor nature vibe. The best part of this area is the rather entertaining musicians and performers. This gives the whole section a pleasant and uplifting vibe. I am sure you will find a spot to dance once you have had a few drinks… #winkwink.

If you hit a right by the entrance you will be going into the family seating area. This is by far my favourite spot at Picolinos Africa. Here you will find a large open grass covered area with small thatch roof spots to sit just off the left off the grass. Your little superheroes can play and run wild here. The play area includes a small track with some peddling go-carts, a small little kiddies shop, swings and a medium sized jungle gym where kids can climb and play. Picolinos also recently added a square fenced off area where smaller kids can play with smaller toys. The only part that puts me off from the family area is that many people bring their pets there. I don’t think a Husky should be in an area like that unattended while having drinks… it scares the kids and it’s dangerous. #justsaying

Once you are seated, a waiter will approach the table and ask you for your drink order. They have most drinks and what usually works for me is an ice-cold Castle draught… with a half a shot of lime.

Once you have placed your drinks order the waiter will either give you a menu or a ‘pizza ingredient list’ for you to design your own pizza. Pick the Pizza list! Pizza at Picolinos is the best pizza in Jozi. Fact! I have been at a few places already and nothing compared to Picolinos pizza. Did I say you can put anything you can think of on it? Yip. I pig out there all the time and the pizza is so good and so filling, I always have left overs which lasts for me the rest of the day or even until the next day! There is nothing wrong with cold pizza! I enjoy the fact that they don’t take your left overs away but rather bring you an empty pizza box so you can do it yourself. This is great when you can add all the left overs into one box like my wife and I do.

The service is ok. I have had better service. I think it’s because it’s such a large place and the family area is kind of cut off from the rest of the place. The one thing that sucks is that when my glass is about to go empty, I should have a waiter already at my table ready to order the next drink. Picolinos is not the place for that. #justsaying. Make sure you spot your waiter and signal him to come to your table when needed. They could probably do with more waiters too.

The bill is a simple process… if you are paying by card they accept all major cards.

That is my Picolinos Africa experience and I hope you enjoyed reading more about them. If you have been there and would like to comment, please do so below. I would like to engage with you more and let other know about your experience.

Enjoy these few pictures of Picolinos, take care and be blessed!

  • An image of Picolinos Decor
  • An image of the pond area
  • An image of the family area
  • An image of the Rooster
  • An image of the inner area
  • An image of Picolinos Pizza

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