Knead Bakery & Cafe  

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Hi there! Thanks for popping past another one of my venue reviews! It’s much appreciated.

If you are in the Bryanston area and looking for a quick stop for breakfast and a cup of coffee on the way to somewhere, then this might be the place for you... especially if you like freshly baked goodies.

Getting there is simple; heard of Bryanston drive? Riverside Centre? Yip, it’s in there. You will find two entrances for parking and I do admit, parking was a breeze for us and there is security to check your car if you need them to. Once you have parked, you make your way through the shopping centre to find Knead Bakery and Café.

Once you enter, a waiter will get you seated and grab your drinks order and at the same time leave the menus with you. They get an extra point for having craft bear and for having my favourite, Castle Light with a shot of lime… but I had a craft beer this time around and it was good. Nice and cold too!

The menu is straight forward and they have a good selection of food. From freshly baked bread to burgers and pizza… even tacos and other food items on themed days. We were still busy with the menus when our drinks came so there was no delay there. What the waiter could have done is given us a kiddies menu for our little superhero… we did not know there was a kiddies menu until we ordered our food.

Once we ordered the food, I had a look around and saw that there was a small play area. I immediately took a few sips of my cold craft beer and took my champion to the play area. It’s not massive but it does help to take the little one to play when the café is busy. My little one loved the play time of course and an extra point to them for having it.

I ordered the Bacon and cheese burger because I really felt like a good filling lunch. I don’t eat onion so I asked for no onion. I was impressed by the waiter once I asked for no onions because shortly after placing our food order, she came from the kitchen and asked if I would also like to skip the onion rings? This was nice, a waiter that’s proactive. The service was good and quick and the only bummer was that when the food arrived… and I took a big bite of my burger… it was over loaded with onion pieces in the patty. This sucked! No burger for me so I waited for my daughter and wife to finish their food.

The bill process was quick and easy and before you knew it, we were out of there. They accept all cards and also Snapscan if you are familiar with it.

That was my experience at Knead Bakery and Café and if you are going there, I hope you enjoy it. It was kind of a let-down to us as we expected a better quality of food and was hoping to kill the hunger we had. I don’t think Kneed will see us again though. Sorry Knead Bakery and Café Riverside! You will need to improve your kitchen and try letting people know what is actually in your food. #NoOnions

If you had an experience you would like to let me know about it, please do mention it below or even tweet me! Take care and be blessed!

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