Giovanni Pane Vino  

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A picture of Giovannis at the back

HI there! Thanks for popping past my review of Giovanni Pane Vino. I do appreciate it!

If you are looking for privacy and a rustic outdoor setting and would like to take your little superhero with you, Giovannis is for you! Nothing beats a private outdoor Sunday lunch in the garden like GIovannis.

Getting there is quite simple and you can’t miss it if you are driving down Main Road towards Lonehill; you will see the entrance on the left just before a massive Nursery and before you reach Witkoppen Road. Sometimes you might even see jumping castles and slippery slides all setup and ready for the kids to play with.

Parking is easy and as you park and walk towards Giovannis, you might get a bit confused and you might not be sure where to go. If you look on the left, you will notice a venue facility (large house) where you can book an event of sorts and if you walk to the right, you will notice a smaller house. If you walk towards the smaller house, you will notice the nursery and a small pathway that leads around the side of the small house. If you don’t walk around, you will find a door. Almost like a kitchen door and here you will be welcomed and be seated. If you choose the pathway, you will find it leads you around into the back of the venue. The back of the venue is beautiful! It has a water feature and also a massive open forest like area with tables and chairs.

If you chose the pathway and you walk towards the seating area you will definitely be approached by a waiter that will escort you to the table you are looking for. They offer most drinks and they are funny enough, always nice and cold… especially my Castle Lite draught (with a half a shot of lime).

Once you have placed your drinks order the waiter will leave the menus for you to decide what you would like to eat. The pizza is good but the pasta at Giovannis is way better and more than enough. We weren’t even half way with our drinks and the table was decked, the manager checked up on us and food was ready.

The service at Giobvanni is fantastic. I think the service at Giovannis should be taught at more venues. #justsaying. This is by far the only venue I have eaten at that has such great service. Did I mention that I enjoy nothing more than hands-on managers? If you are looking for a place where the waiter watches your drink and before its finished, offers to bring you another one, then this is the place for you.

The bill is a very simple process… and if you are paying by card they accept all cards.

That was and is most of the time my Giovannis Pane Vino experience. Enjoy the pics below and if you have been there and would like to share your experience, please comment below. Take care and be blessed!

  • An image of a chicken outdoors
  • An image of kids playing outside
  • An image of people having a party
  • An image of the venue from outside
  • An image of the venue from outside
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