Travel trends between digital generations - 2017

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Did you know that your age is now likely to determine your travel style? Although this research may not be ground-breaking, it does give travel companies enough information which will determine what you see as you plan to travel. So here I have included a few interesting stats that should help you enjoy your next trip even more.

But before we begin, let me quickly break the different generations down for you so it's easier to understand:

A picture of the different generations

  • Baby Boomers - Anyone born between 1946 and 1965
  • Generation X - Anyone born between 1966 and 1976
  • Millennials - Anyone born between 1977 and 1994.
  • Generation Z - Anyone born in 1995 or after.

Who takes the most number of trips during a year? As you can see below, it's the millennials. They take an extra 2 days compared to the Boomers. But, what sticks out here is that the Boomers will spend more days at their destination.

Travel trends graph 1

Do you enjoy visiting family or do you like to relax on your vacation and do sightseeing? The study finds that Boomers and Generation Z visit family the most while Millennials and Generation X travel to relax and do some sightseeing when they can.

Do you enjoy driving or flying to your destination? This study shows that Generation X is more likely to enjoy the car ride than Generation Z who would prefer to catch a quick flight. While Boomers are more likely to jump on the train.

Where do the different generations like to stay on their vacations? The study confirms that a hotel is preferred across the board.

Travel trends graph 2

Taking the kids on a trip? Do you keep asking them where they would like to go? I know this can be frustrating at times. However, research shows that Generation Z are less likely to know where to go when Boomers have already decided on a destination.

Travel trends graph 3

What do you enjoy about the holidays? What kind of travel decisions do you make when you plan your vacation? See what the generations below prefer:

  • Doing activities on my trip - Boomers
  • A once in a lifetime experience - Generation X
  • A cultural experience. - Generation Z
  • An experience based on price - Generation Z
  • A special deal or offer experience - Boomers
  • A food experience - Generation Z

For those on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Pinterest, would you like to guess who is not influenced by social media at all? See below how these social media platforms influence different peoples holiday decisions the most.

  • Facebook - Millennials
  • Instagram - Generation Z
  • Twitter - Generation Z
  • Pinterest - Millennials
  • Snapchat - Generation Z

Travel trends graph 4

Talking about social media, how do we access these platforms? Do you own a smartphone? How often do you use your smartphone? Research shows that Generation Z and Millennials are more likely to use their smartphone during the inspiration phase of their holiday.

Travel trends graph 5

The key insights before you dive deeper into the research on your own:

Gen Z - These are the boys and girls that look for the off the beaten path locations. These are the open minded travellers looking for recommendations from the locals. These are the guys who embrace the live once mentality. #Yolo.

Gen X - These men and women travel the least amount of days during a trip. However, when they do, they spend most on hotels and prefer relaxing, sightseeing and visiting family.

Millennials - These guys are the most influenced with advertising and the ads that stand out the most would be the ones with the best imagery and informative content. These travellers are more likely to use OTA (online travel agencies) and then a search engine.

Boomers - These travellers travel on average 27 days a year and are very focused on visiting family. This is how they know where to go and how to get there. They are also less tied to a budget and would actually enjoy visiting museums, historical sites and at times... recommendations from locals.

Download the research PDF [HERE].

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