Trying to figure out what to buy my daughter for Christmas is challenging enough not to mention the rest of the family. But buying gifts for co-workers? This can be much more frightening.
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What did you get me?

After doing some research, I found that a lot of career experts tell you to try keep clear from holiday gifts in the workplace because one person's idea of funny or useful, might be offensive to someone else. So, please do be careful!

Here are my top 5 picks I thought might make great little gifts in the office. Remember, 'tis the season’ after all.

But first, coffee! Let’s face it, the first thing many people do at the office is gather in the kitchen to make that one cup of coffee that gets you started for the day. Plus, it makes us more productive right?!


A funny coffee mug

A few reasons why you should be drinking coffee at the office:

  • It keeps you alert - Yip, we all know caffeine is a stimulant and boosts the central nervous system.
  • Coffee breaks improve productivity - A 2010 study at MIT showed that employees who take coffee breaks together, demonstrate an overall improvement in their productivity.
  • It can reduce sleep-deprived stress - If you are sleep-deprived, the mere aroma of coffee has showed to reduce stress levels. #justsaying


Then everybody needs to just put on some tunes and get into the zone right? How about a cool set of earphones?

Funny Earphones

A few reasons why you should be using earphones at the office:

  • Set expectations that you are occupied - when people see you are busy with earphones on and see you are in deep thought and busy, they are less inclined to interrupt you.
  • Create your own zone - if you work in a noisy or busy environment, putting on your earphones can be your ticket to a private work zone.
  • Choose your own attitude - whether you need a quick pick me up or even a few minutes to calm down... let your music do that for you.

Colorful Binder Clips

We all know paperwork is boring and at times we have papers all over our desks and it just makes your office look boring. Let's add some color and cheer up people in the office with some bright colors.

Colorful Binder Clips


Funny USBs

Another gift would be a personalized USB. Every one needs to save important documents or perhaps quickly copy something from a co-worker. This is also great for colleagues who are always on the road and need something on the go.


Then lastly a desk calendar. Do you enjoy decorating your office or perhaps enjoy motivational quotes to get you going for the day? Or maybe you just enjoy keeping things in one place? Help motivate and inspire!

Desk Calendars

I know desk calendars are super easy to refer to and beats having to take out my phone every five minutes to check a date. I can just look over and see the whole month planned out and what's waiting for me.

Those were my top 5 picks and I hope this helps you at the office. If you have more ideas, please feel free to share them below. Or tweet me. Be safe and take care!

Martin is a digital marketing specialist, a producer and always online. His educational background is Digital and has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. His wife & little girl comes first and in his spare time he really enjoys making music.

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