So, Powerflow Randburg, up-selling the wrong products for your car, misleading clients by telling them its good for your car, fitting custom built parts and then taking no responsibility for things when your car breaks down.
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PowerFlow in Randburg

Ask me, I know, it happened to me. Let me tell you the story then you decide for yourself if you would like to support them.

Just so that you know, I also emailed Bruce the Franchise Manager and Rob the Director of Powerflow to raise this and was told they can't help me and I will need to sort this out with the Powerflow Randburg branch itself.

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But before we begin, let me show you how this all looked before and what parts of mine they discarded after. You don't really see these things when you are waiting in the waiting area while they work on your car. Below you can see the before and after pictures of the intake system. If you scroll further down the post you will also see the broken radiator pipe and the custom black housing they made and fit into the car to accommodate the BMC cone filter.

Before Image
After Image

My first visit to Powerflow Randburg

So, I was driving my car one day through Randburg when suddenly I heard a noise coming from my car. So, I decided to visit Powerflow Randburg because they were right across the road from the garage I decided to stop at to see what was wrong with my car. That would be in Republic Road close to Brightwater Commons aka Ferndale On Republic. I was on the way to Paulshof where I use to stay when this all started.

I go inside to be met by two guys, Ashan and Sanjeev. They jacked the car up to find that my exhaust system was a bit loose and vibrating and it seems one of the rubbers of the exhaust mounting bars tore off and was gone and was causing the metal rattle I was hearing.

I was then upsold and told that I should install a downpipe on my car because of performance, fuel economy etc etc. I then booked the car in for this. Not the same day of course because I was told it would take a whole day to install. This was then done a few days later. I would also like to mention that I booked my car in that morning and they worked on the car the whole day and well into the night. I must have left there at around 7:30 PM that evening.

Then, these guys, after locking up the shop at around 5pm for that day, while still working on my car, had friends come over who then brought in beers for everyone to have. I was also offered one but I of course, did not have one. I had to still drive home.

On my way home that evening, I could still hear this rattling noise. I couldn’t understand what it was so, guess what I did? I went back to Powerflow Randburg the next day! Want to guess what I found?

My second visit to Powerflow Randburg

They left pieces of flat bar that was spot welded under the car and against the new custom exhaust system they built. I saw this when they jacked the car up again to check. They then removed these pieces and at the same time upsold me on an intake system. Did I mention they could help me straight away?

I was told it was a stage 2 intake system and comes with a BMC cone filter and is the best in the market right now. It wouldn’t take too long to install. Guess what I did? I went on their advice and they installed this intake system. I also decided to get this done because if I paid cash, it would be at an even lower price. Guess who took me for a drive to a bank teller?

You can see the new intake system from the pictures above and below.

So, driving around the next day I hear this sharp whistling noise from my engine bay. I was totally freaked out and do you want to guess what I did again? Yip! I went back to Powerflow Randburg the next day.

My third visit to Powerflow Randburg

I then arrived at Powerflow Randburg and explained to them what was going on. They couldn’t believe me and one of them even went for a drive with me to hear it. Weird that they didn’t know what this noise was, right? This is quoted directly from their response to Bruce who brushed this complaint and query off:

In terms of the intake being incorrect for the vehicle, this is of his opinion. We have built intakes on numerous vehicles from vehicles exactly like MR Grobler to some of the fastest and most high end vehicles in the country. We have had only success from our custom intakes, design and workmanship.

So, now that I was told this is normal, even though I haven’t heard this noise on other cars before, I had no choice but to go home. I was told nothing is wrong with my intake system or my car.

In the process of fitting the intake system they also created a custom modified metal box which you can see was quickly spray painted with a tin of black spray paint. You will also notice how close this metal housing is to my radiator pipe.

After Image
Image of intake box

So, now that nothing was wrong with my car, I had no choice but to get this checked out professionally. Who else can check this for me on a performance level? VAG Technik. That’s right. If you are looking for the best Revo performance software for your car… give him a shout!

It was picked up that the intake system was leaking and that I should take my car back and get it fixed. So guess what I did? Yip, right again! I took my car back to Powerflow Randburg the next day.

Now my fourth visit to Powerflow Randburg and you want to guess what Powerflow Randburg told me? They said it's impossible and then said again they can’t help me.

Since I bought the car, I could feel something is not right with my clutch. Who specialises is DSG gearboxes and clutches? GearTronix. They fixed my cars clutch at half the price of what Audi quoted me. Not just that, they replaced my gearbox with a 6 spead DSG with a new fly wheel. #JustSaying

So, when I picked up my car after they fixed my clutch, GearTronix asked me where I got my intake system done. Quite embarrassed, I had to mention Powerflow Randburg. To my surprise Keith knew Sanjeev. Keith then said I should tell Sanjeev that the system he put in is wrong and that he made kak. I was then also told cone filters shouldn’t really be fitted on Turbo cars. There is a different kind of filter for that. Who knew?!

Going back to Powerflow Randburg, I knew they weren't going to help me. They refused a few times already so it was going to be a waste of petrol again going there and being told they can’t help me and it's impossible thats something is wrong.

My wedding anniversary then arrived and what better way to celebrate? Yip, we went out of town and enjoyed a few days away at a game lodge. I wish I could tell you more about that little trip but not in this piece. Sorry ne?!

Long story short, my car started giving trouble again. The dash light kept coming on for water and I just couldn’t understand where this water was going. I kept filling it up and then I would drive for a few kms and the light comes on again. Ugh! What a kak trip back home!

Anyways, got home and had no choice but to take my car to an Audi dealership a few blocks away from me. I thought, while I am going there, they might as well do the car service for me.

So, during the service, Audi picked up that the black metal housing that Powerflow Randburg cut and sprayed to house the BMC cone filter, melted the radiator pipe and this is where the water was pissing out.

After Image
After image

Audi said this pipe would cost me R2400 to fix, however… the radiator pipe needs to be ordered and will take 15 days to arrive from Germany. So, they can only fix it then.

So I picked up my car, paid for my service and took my car home. I know one of the mechanics there who informed me that if I go to a certain place, I could probably pick up a second hand part. So I did. This cost me R150. Did I mention how I could only drive my car for a few kms before I had to stop and throw in water? For a whole week I had to carry two 2l coke bottles with water in my car for that reason. Was sooo kak!

So you want to guess where I took my car again once I found a spare radiator pipe? That’s right! Powerflow Randburg.

My fourth visit to Powerflow Randburg

So, I rock up at Powerflow Randburg on Saturday morning at 07:25 to be exact. 5 minutes before they open… only to find they were already open. I then parked my car right in front of the place and opened my bonnet. I then called the one guy to my car and showed him and told him again that there are issues with this intake system and its now the 3rd time I have had to come back because of it.

I then showed him the broken radiator pipe and how the damage was caused. I even showed him how close the custom box they made was to the radiator pipes. He had one look, looked at me, then said he can’t take responsibility for custom parts in the car. Referring to the black housing of course.

EXCUSE ME?! Was my reply; I asked what do you mean? I then said but you guys put this in my car when you did the intake system you sold me. He said because it’s a custom modification he cannot help me.

This is where I kind of lost it… just a little by using a single swear word.

But you guys put this f*&^king thing in my car and now you are telling me you cant help me and you don’t take responsibility for it?

I then also said that I luckily already found a spare part which I paid for, which I took out and showed him, and all your guy has to do, is fit it. I was then told that this is not his problem and I should take my business elsewhere.

I then replied again... EXCUSE ME? This is now the 4th time I had to come back because of this intake system you put in. He then said something and then turned around and walked back inside the shop.

As he was walking, I said: "What you did here is not right. Other guys in the performance industry also told me to tell you that you made kak here. I will be reporting you to head office and if they cant help me, the local newspaper and social media will have to help me out”. With a cocky reply from him I was told I can do what I want and please leave.


Anyways, so I left. I now had to go find a place to fix my car on a Saturday morning.

Luckily it was still early and I found a place called Vorsprung Mechanical & Auto Electrical at the Randburg Motor City on Malibongwe Drive. They sorted me out within an hour but it did cost me R900. I gladly paid becaue i could see these guys actually do take pride in their work and they even went as far as to modify this custom box so it doesn't happen again. How cool?! Give them a shout! I have the receipts on request if you really want to see them. Just ask me.

So, that’s my story on Powerflow Randburg. What a long and kak experience! They cost me nothing but money, inconvenience, frustration, my time and then also the original parts of my car. Not only did the branch refuse to fix what they broke but also refused to refund me the money I spent on fixing their so called stage 2 intake system… not to mention head office just shrugging this off.

Now I kindly ask you to help me by telling others about my experience. Don’t let these guys fool anyone else and let’s take a stand against poor customer service.

Take care and be safe!

5 December 2017:
So PowerFlow Randburg sent me an email threatening me with lawyers for expressing my kak experience with them and for my honest review of them on various review websites. Please won’t you go over to their Facebook Page and let them know how you feel about all this.

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