Like me, you have probably been all over Jozi looking for a fun place to sit and have a beer, listen to some chilled out music, watch the kids play, eat something delicious and experience great service.
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So, what I have done is given you my 3 favourite places to visit on a weekend. These top 3 places of mine include their own individual revues (in case you would like to know more about them) that will tell you more about their music, their food, the service, the décor, the drinks and of course, if the venue is play friendly now that I have a little superhero who cannot sit still.

All my reviews are my own and are based on my personal experience with each venue. Most of the time though, I would be with my partner and my little superhero trying to make the most of each place and getting out of the house. If you like my 3 places below, please let me know and tweet me. I would love to engage with you even more! Also feel free to share your experience too.

So, without further ado... my 3 tops places and... they are in exact order too.

Picolinos Africa - Fourways

6.8 / 10

Picolinos Africa is my favourite place of all time. Not only does it have the best pizza in town... and trust me, I have looked... but also has an amazing outdoor experience.

As you walk in you will find a few small stalls or shops which gives the place a small market vibe which I admit, my partner just loves. Ladies, it also includes a small little salon/spa in case you have that urge to spoil yourself even more. Guys, in case you mess something on your shirt, there is a place you can grab another one!

To the left you will find the pond area with all kinds of animals like chickens, ducks and fish. If you go to the right of the venue, you will see the family area that has a massive play area with jungle gyms, a go cart track and a few swings for the kids to play with. This is my favourite area because it’s not so noisy and it’s where I can play with my little superhero because of the large open space.

Besides the food that’s great, the service is ok, they have all kinds of drinks which is a bonus for the cocktail fans and the vibe is awesome as it makes you stay there all afternoon. At times you will also find live entertainment and in winter… a massive fire place where you can sit and enjoy your glass of wine with friends.

If you are going there, do the pizza! It’s the best. Here are a few pictures. Go check out the review!

Picolinos Africa Review

Picolinos Image 2
Picolinos Image 3
Picolinos Image 4
Picolinos Image 5
Picolinos Image 1
Picolinos Image 6

Knead Bakery & Cafe - Bryanston

4.8 / 10

If you are in the Bryanston area and looking for a quick stop for breakfast and a cup of coffee on the way to somewhere, then this might be the place for you... especially if you like freshly baked goodies.

Getting there is simple; heard of Bryanston drive? Riverside Centre? Yip, it’s in there. You will find two entrances for parking, and I do admit, parking was a breeze for us and there is security to check your car if you need them to. Once you have parked, you make your way through the shopping centre to find Knead Bakery and Café.

Once you enter, a waiter will get you seated and grab your drinks order and at the same time leave the menus with you. They get an extra point for having craft bear and for having my favourite, Castle Light with a shot of lime… but I had a craft beer this time around and it was good. Nice and cold too!

The menu is straight forward, and they have a good selection of food. From freshly baked bread to burgers and pizza… even tacos and other food items on themed days. We were still busy with the menus when our drinks came so there was no delay there. What the waiter could have done is given us a kiddie’s menu for our little superhero… we did not know there was a kiddie’s menu until we ordered our food.

If you are going there, do the zarmis! It’s the best. Here are a few pictures. Go check out the review!

Knead Bakery & Cafe Review

Knead Bakery& Cafe Image 1
Knead Bakery& Cafe Image 3

Papachinos - Fourways

6.1 / 10

Papachinos Fourways is a newly discovered place close to home and with all the kids playing apparatus, this has surfaced to number 3. I do believe the service could be better though.

Do you know where Pineslopes Shopping Centre is? Heard of Billy the Bums? Nope, it’s not in that centre but the centre right across the road; The Gantry. The parking there is great because it has a security check before you go in and out so safety is taken care of.

You cannot miss Papachinos! It has a huge tree at the entrance and a massive jungle gym the kids use for playing. This is the best part. What a jol! I had so much fun! With my daughter that is. #justsaying. It has a 3-story jungle gym with slides, steps and a little tube slide. My little superhero went nuts! Extra points!

The food was great and the drinks came quickly and it was so much food we had to do a doggy bag. The fact that they cater for small superheroes is what makes this a fun place for us because not only did we pig out, but my little one pigged out also on the kiddies mac and cheese… when I finally got her away from the play area.

As you walk in and look to the left, you will find the party venue with millions of screaming kids and balloons everywhere and to the right you will find the more relaxed area with more tables and chairs… and the huge jungle gym just a bit out of reach.

The service here was terrible. #Justsaying. We had to call our waiter more than 3 times and when we wanted to pay, he went missing. I think the fact that the other waiters help each other is the reason why it was still a bit pleasant with our waiter not always being around.

How has your experience been at Papachino Fourways? Let me know below or on the review page itself. I love engaging with you more. Enjoy the pictures below and enjoy eating out there!

Papachinos Fourways Review

Papachinos Image
Papachinos Image

That was my top 3 places to eat out in Jozi. Do you have any venues I should visit? Let me know below or even tweet me! Thanks again for your time and I hope you enjoy these venues too! Take care and be blessed!

Martin is a digital marketing specialist, a producer and always online. His educational background is Digital and has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. His wife & little girl comes first and in his spare time he really enjoys making music.

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